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November 07 2013


Light Powder Makes The Skin Young

Products for oily skin should contain zinc oxide and algae:

Problems with pomp and oily skin faces are more common during the summer heat. How to care for oily skin and that the ingredients must be a foundation for this type of skin? http://www.reviewlity.com/category/skin-care/

How to treat oily skin?

Question: '' Since I have a problem with oily skin face, I tried different creams, but we are out of the skin even more shine, especially in the summer. Can you recommend a cream that would help me?''

First of all to cleanse the skin of dead cells and impurities to the ingredients that we put on the skin to work better and regenerate skin and improve its structure and lead to normalization of healthy skin. After that recommend specific products that profoundly restore skin to it after a while, she looked healthy and beautiful. Care products oily skin type should contain fruit acids, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, and algae that regulate glands.

Using lighter shades of powder face will look fresher and younger:
Question: '' I have oily skin and a shiny face, and my condition gets worse in the summer, so I should some natural powder to reduce shine and we will not clog pores.'' http://reviewlity.tumblr.com

In our market there is a growing number of certified natural cosmetics brands that the company also decorative cosmetics based on minerals. Such products will not clog pores, and will cloak small defects on the skin and is checkmate. To face got fresher look, pick a foundation that will match the color of your skin on the neck - at this point it and Test . By choosing lighter shades of powder your face will look fresher and younger.

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