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November 22 2013


The benefit assessment of new drugs

Also at the benefit assessment of new drugs and the subsequent price negotiations do not want to shake Union and SPD. In the negotiations, however, is behind the counter next to the Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association itself in the future in addition participate in at least one representative from each member Checkout "to strengthen the supply aspect," as they say. Allow the parties to respond to criticism of the conduct of the hearing Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association, which has recently been raised again and again.

Thus, the powerful association had often shown little willingness to compromise in talks with service providers. Also representatives of individual Member cash to have gone too far this behavior sometimes. You could continue even sit at the negotiating table and bring their positions. Read More Articles about Health and fitness: http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/tinnitus-help-guide/

In another point CDU and the SPD are the leading associations for SHI answer clearly. So they want to make clear law that the reimbursement amounts are negotiated in the future basis for the calculation of the increases and reductions at all levels of distribution. "The designation of a list price by the pharmaceutical company remains unaffected," says the paper of the Working Group. Such clarification in the law requires the cash for months.

Pharmacists and wholesalers have, however, always referred the dispute to calculate their margins to the Framework Agreement between health insurers and manufacturers. This writes the previously established price list as a reference for the calculation of margins.

November 07 2013


Light Powder Makes The Skin Young

Products for oily skin should contain zinc oxide and algae:

Problems with pomp and oily skin faces are more common during the summer heat. How to care for oily skin and that the ingredients must be a foundation for this type of skin? http://www.reviewlity.com/category/skin-care/

How to treat oily skin?

Question: '' Since I have a problem with oily skin face, I tried different creams, but we are out of the skin even more shine, especially in the summer. Can you recommend a cream that would help me?''

First of all to cleanse the skin of dead cells and impurities to the ingredients that we put on the skin to work better and regenerate skin and improve its structure and lead to normalization of healthy skin. After that recommend specific products that profoundly restore skin to it after a while, she looked healthy and beautiful. Care products oily skin type should contain fruit acids, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, and algae that regulate glands.

Using lighter shades of powder face will look fresher and younger:
Question: '' I have oily skin and a shiny face, and my condition gets worse in the summer, so I should some natural powder to reduce shine and we will not clog pores.'' http://reviewlity.tumblr.com

In our market there is a growing number of certified natural cosmetics brands that the company also decorative cosmetics based on minerals. Such products will not clog pores, and will cloak small defects on the skin and is checkmate. To face got fresher look, pick a foundation that will match the color of your skin on the neck - at this point it and Test . By choosing lighter shades of powder your face will look fresher and younger.

October 31 2013


Japanese Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Generally known is a drawing of the five elements, which is in a circle and shows the following elements: water, metal, earth, fire and wood. Among the elements of a perfect relationship exists. For example, water is essential for the production of wood and it is necessary for the formation of fire. If this element is exhausted, needs the support of other elements that could be created. One element may be a destroyer and a second can be destroyed. For example, water in excess can destroy the fire. Get More Info click for source http://www.reviewlity.com/

Basic techniques - Japanese hot stone massage techniques are based on the anmy, traditional Japanese massage. Anma includes the following techniques:

Light stroking technique - performed gliding movements up and down the body surface or rotating movements. Light smoothing is used to gently heat the surface of the body, the muscles relax and the blood circulation.

Kneading technique - is a basic technique anmy. Muscle massage using kneading techniques are used to affect the deeper tissues and stored effectively reduce muscle tension.

Technique shake - used to disperse the intensity of pressure for treatment of sensitive areas. Violent vibration helps to release toxins into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Discover More Here http://www.reviewlity.com/category/muscle-building/

Pressure technique using this technique with the compression of muscles and to release tension and stimulate the reflex points.

Tapping technique - a technique of fast and slow percussion, no strikes this technique is generally used at the end of treatment to prevent the dispersal of toxins into the blood and lymphatic system.

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