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Though most symptoms disappear with proper medication

Though most symptoms disappear with proper medication, the episodes may recur. Each episode increasingly reduces the visual field.

Various medications can be used to quickly lower the intraocular pressure during an acute episode of narrow-angle glaucoma.

Intake of a prescribed mixture of water and glycerin can reduce the high pressure and stop the episode. PREGNANCY MIRACLE

The carbonic anhydrate inhibitors (e.g., ace amide) are also useful when administered early in the episode. Pliocene eye drops promote papillary constriction, which in turn puts pressure on the iris and therefore clears the output channels.
Eye drops containing beta-blockers are also used to control the pressure. After one episode, treatment is usually maintained with eye drops and varying doses of a carbonic anhydrate inhibitor. In severe cases, manifold is given intravenously to reduce the pressure.

Laser therapy, which creates a hole in the iris to allow fluid drainage, helps prevent new episodes and often cure the disease permanently

When the laser therapy does not solve the problem, the doctor performs a surgery to create a hole in the iris. Cases in which both eyes have narrowed the output channels can be processed even when the episodes affect only one of them.

The secondary glaucoma is a result of an eye injury resulting from infection, inflammation, a tumor, developing a cataract or eye disorder that interferes with the drainage of fluid from the anterior chamber. Inflammatory diseases (e.g., ileitis) are among the most common of these disorders.

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