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Perfume Allergy treatment and prevention

Perfume Allergy treatment and prevention
Lubricating or avoid allergens?

An allergy to perfume is annoying because perfume raw materials are all around us. And allergic contact dermatitis that it creates is not particularly pleasant. How do you limit the inconvenience of a perfume allergy to a minimum?  BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLES

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Perfume is not only found in fragrance products like eau de toilette, aftershave or deodorant. Almost all cosmetic products, decorative cosmetics and toiletries are scented. And household products such as detergent often contain perfume. But you can also perfume in products where you do not expect so soon, thinking of eye drops, food and clothing. A perfume allergy is rightfully called, very annoying because you come anywhere in contact with the allergen.

People with perfume allergies have generally suffered from an itchy red rash with desquamation. Sometimes there are papules and vesicles seen. We call this allergic contact dermatitis. If you think you have a perfume allergy, the doctor will first do a patch test with the so-called " fragrance "to see which allergens play tricks on you.

Avoid perfumes
The simplest solution to a perfume allergy seems to be avoiding contact with perfume scented products and raw materials. However, this is not always easy, because perfume raw materials found in many products. Yet it is wise to look for the unscented products.

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