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Conditions transmitted through many generations

The bloody ax old BRUNI

The child was a child very carefully notes to each other as father and mother of each act. They speak about the issues, or for them to quarrel blood? They manifest the love, or is that cool? He talks about himself nicely, or titles, the terms asshole" and "old cow"? Helpful resources: XTREME FAT LOSS REVIEW

 The result is a "family memes" - ways of acting that are often transmitted through many generations.

You are a rebel and rash judgments, that you will not let anything like it and constantly in dispute with the authorities?

Maybe it was your leader of the peasant uprising. Rebelliousness worn thin from him and his descendants, who presented it in your family passed away.

This does not mean that a number of characters, qualities and talents do not inherit genetically pure.

Green eyes, baldness or protruding ears is simply "not learn". In some families are increasingly found depressively, schizophrenia, autism and other mental disorders.

Sometimes it can even detect patterns according to which this burden inherited.

This is true but for the positive qualities necessary for musical talent or talent for languages. But I inherited traits often show up as a result of a family environment.

Did you see the story well from the normalization cycle Thirty Cases of Major Zeeman? Old and young Brno were "strange", but who knows if it would end tragically if the relatives did not fight about money and pathologically shut out from the world Or vice versa.

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