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Special conversation is citrus

In reality nowadays fruit treated with a special wax that repels pests and allows you to keep the juiciness longer. So we can easily give preference to the beautiful apple. However, before eating the fruit must be thoroughly clean out the wax. Peel apples (and pears) is not recommended: in the skin contains most of the vitamins and minerals. Newly peel apples was discovered special antioxidant - quercetin, which helps to resist diseases and preserve youth body (no wonder in Russia considered rejuvenating apples fruits!). Pulp apples (and pears) are rich in pectin, which bind toxins, eliminate heavy metals, and clean the intestines. visit homepage

Cranberries - Become very popular in the winter and our Russian berries: cranberries. They are saturated with benzoic acid. Despite the intimidating name, this substance has good antibacterial activity, which is why cranberry juice and cranberries, rubbed with sugar is recommended for colds.

Special conversation is citrus - We buy them primarily for vitamin C. Acidity of orange, grapefruit, lemon due to just the content in the pulp and peel of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). These fruits should be eaten not only the flesh, but more dense whitish rind intussusception who share the fruit into slices. This part of the fetus is particularly valuable. But cooking fresh juice can play a cruel joke on the air vitamin C is destroyed very quickly, so it is useful to eat orange slices than to squeeze juice out of it.

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