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Who Has This Phobia Fear

Tripod phobia! Who has this phobia fear / distress / malaise?
Tripod phobia! Who has this phobia fear / distress / malaise to see several small holes of equal shapes and sizes together on any surface? A very silly thing is not it? But Vomit, scratching themselves and even faint

Most people who have this phobia feel more nervous when on an organic surface, 'cause the appearance of illness, especially on human skin.  visit this link

But it is not a requirement, many people feel the same fear seeing the holes in walls, wood ... And there is such a high degree that there are people who knitting, crochet, drains, beehives, etc. ...

I tried to find the psychological cause of this phobia but I could not cuz ALL SITES I joined had pictures ... even the websites of psychology who want to help put images.

Yes, even the pictures tripod phobia great cause "discomfort" on who has the phobia.

Know that 12% of shy teens can have.
Social phobia, a persistent fear of situations that may involve examination and prosecution, is a somewhat controversial diagnosis in children and adolescents.

Some researchers argue that this diagnosis transforms the normal shyness into a medical condition.

But a new study indicates that a small portion of shy teenagers may actually have social phobia and it is not a simple shyness. Recent research indicates that adolescents with social phobia are also more likely to develop depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

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