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First Aid For Frostbite

Shoes are best to wear comfortable, from dirty and soaked socks refuse. In the shoes have to be the insole third, try to hide from the wind and the cold do not wear metal jewelry. If hands freeze, better warm their armpits.

First aid for frostbite - But what to do if you or someone you know is still "earned" frostbite? First, do not panic. Remember that frostbite can be I, II, III, IV and degree in any case need special assistance. The main thing - do not rub the frostbitten snow, do not use rapid warming by the fire (or hot water bottle, or other means), and alcohol rub oil in deep frostbite prohibited.

Dietary fiber cellulose helps to lose weight - Foods rich in fiber, must be slimming diet, because dietary fiber accelerates the onset of satiety. Once in the stomach, they swell (e.g., apple and carrot tissue increases in volume approximately two times, wheat bran - 5 times). With this bolus begins to put pressure on the stomach wall much earlier, and the hypothalamus receives a signal: enough food, you can get up from the table. As a result, people do not overeat, and therefore does not get the extra calories. However, caloric intake is reduced not only because of this. The fact that dietary fiber is not digested, they pass through the gut transit.

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