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All kidney stones cause pain

All kidney stones cause pain?
When the calculation is in the renal parenchyma is asymptomatic (causes no pain).

When will however for the central part of the kidney where the collecting ducts, renal pelvis and urethras, can cause severe pain are. This pain is renal colic, which requires immediate medical attention. Get Answers Here

The renal calculus may also cause blockage of the passage of urine, thus leading to the upstream dilation of the urinary system, causing pain and other symptoms.

However, some individuals have kidney stones without pain or slight pain, which is very dangerous.

Some cases the stone blocking the urethra with little pain, which disappears after some time, though she had not been eliminated.

The renal calculus lodged in determining urethra obstruction in the urinary tract, affects kidney function and may cause loss or destruction of renal tissue.

Stone in the Kidneys and Heart

Kidney stone increases by 31% the risk of myocardial infarction: The relationship between the two diseases may be genetic in the accumulation of calcium crystals in the kidneys and arteries trend.

 Stone in the Kidneys and Heart Problems

Genetic tendency:. Patients with a history of kidney stones are more at risk of heart problems learn more

Prevention for renal calculus?

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