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The benefit assessment of new drugs

Also at the benefit assessment of new drugs and the subsequent price negotiations do not want to shake Union and SPD. In the negotiations, however, is behind the counter next to the Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association itself in the future in addition participate in at least one representative from each member Checkout "to strengthen the supply aspect," as they say. Allow the parties to respond to criticism of the conduct of the hearing Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association, which has recently been raised again and again.

Thus, the powerful association had often shown little willingness to compromise in talks with service providers. Also representatives of individual Member cash to have gone too far this behavior sometimes. You could continue even sit at the negotiating table and bring their positions. Read More Articles about Health and fitness: http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/tinnitus-help-guide/

In another point CDU and the SPD are the leading associations for SHI answer clearly. So they want to make clear law that the reimbursement amounts are negotiated in the future basis for the calculation of the increases and reductions at all levels of distribution. "The designation of a list price by the pharmaceutical company remains unaffected," says the paper of the Working Group. Such clarification in the law requires the cash for months.

Pharmacists and wholesalers have, however, always referred the dispute to calculate their margins to the Framework Agreement between health insurers and manufacturers. This writes the previously established price list as a reference for the calculation of margins.

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