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Department of Neurosurgery

The latter is called the McGuire effect. Researcher Harry McGuire discovered a few decades ago that people use their eyes and ears when they hear and when sound and sight just does not match, the view - and not what the ears perceive - is decisive. Find more articles: 13 Percent Body Fats In 13 Days

Photo: Department of Neurosurgery, University of Utah.

Origin of the McGuire effect

As mentioned, the McGuire effect is already known for a while. But it was unclear where exactly this effect comes from Based on the experiment - which was studied brain activity - thinking that now something to say researchers. When the signals subjects saw and heard, agreed or not agreed, took the brain activity based on what people heard, far. There were small differences between what people saw and heard, then took the brain activity, on the basis of what people saw. "We show that signals in the brain that are being drowned out by noise by visual cues, powered" says researcher Bradley Greer. "Your brain ignores what happens in the ear and goes off on what is going on in your eyes."


The research proves once again that our view of the world is anything but objective. "We discovered that the view affects the part of our brain that we hear and that changes our perception of reality and you cannot turn off that illusion," researcher Elliot Smith concludes.

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