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Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Milk after workout and Fat Loss

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss-  One of the biggest myths that persist to exist in bodybuilding, is the myth that should be avoided completely milk in the post-workout meal. As we know, after training suggested eating protein for the increase in the concentration of amino acids in the blood, in order to enhance muscle anabolism.

For this reason, many people who would advise taking whey protein (whey) post-workout powder to mix with water rather than milk, supposedly because it slows down the absorption of the protein. It is indeed something? And if not, then whence this myth? Milk protein consists of about 80% casein and 20% whey protein (whey) [1]. click site Source http://www.reviewlity.com/category/skin-care/

These two proteins have the property of being absorbed by the human body with separate speeds. [2] The protein of the serum is absorbed quickly enough: According to two surveys [3.4], the consumption of 30 grams whey creates after one hour 300% increase concentration of amino acids in the blood (recall that proteins are nothing of polymers of amino acids, ie "chains" where each "link" is an amino acid "), and within 4 hours the concentration has returned to normal levels.

Casein is absorbed slower speed: 30 grams casein consumption creates a 32% increase in the concentration of amino acids from the blood after an hour, after 4 hours, the rate is 35%, that continued stable production of amino acids. concentration of amino acids falls after about 8 h [3,4]. In a study published in 1999 [2], the amino acid levels were measured in blood for 8 hours after consumption of skim milk. Within the first hour of the amino acid concentration rose sharply due to the absorption of whey, after three hours was a "plateau" in the decreasing concentration of whey absorption and increased absorption of casein, and then until the end of 8 hours there was a steady decrease of absorption (here predominates casein). In short These two proteins are absorbed independently of each other. not correct so that the casein slow the absorption of other proteins that can coexist.

All these make the mixture lean milk whey + ideal meal before bedtime (terms of protein). Of course, those who do not need the carbohydrates in milk, could use direct milk protein powder or a mixture of whey + casein protein powder. What happens post-workout? A liter of skim milk contains about 36 grams of protein (both writes Noun Family 0% I have in my fridge). [5] Of these only 20% are whey, ie 7.2 grams. concerns getting a sufficient amount of whey protein post-workout (about 30 grams), you need to drink 4 liters of milk (consider So how many liters of milk were needed to fill the box with the protein you have in your kitchen). One who managed to drink even be online with the toilet bowl of. This is the real reason why people avoid to drink plain milk after training.

The problem is not in the slow absorption of casein, but the virtual absence of whey protein ie the quantity of milk that fits in a shaker. We can mix whey with skim milk and a post-workout drink? And course.'s milk, although it has a low hypoglycemic index (GI) [6,7], has a very high insulin index (II) [8,9]. therefore Drinking skim milk with whey after training: 1) We increase dramatically insulin to face Catholicism. 2) We supply our body with protein quickly absorbed to the rapid raper minoxidil (and further muscle synthesis). 3) We supply our body with slow protein absorption to protect against muscle metabolism (which is parallel to muscle composition the metropolitan hours). 4) A in our body than the fat milk contains from vitamins (even the fat soluble are dissolved in the minimum - there is absolutely zero - much fat is milk 0%) and metals such as calcium.

To highlight the fact that I refer to skim milk. If the milk contains fat, it will slow the digestion and thus the absorption of ingredients. then mix the whey your skim milk (+ everything else put, dextrose, fruits, etc.) after the workout safely. Instruments [the 1st]

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