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December 16 2013


It is relatively little compared to other drugs

It is relatively little compared to other drugs. LSD, for their high tolerance, loses the effects if used continuously for two or three days.
There are two main dangers in your intake: the risk of accidents, enhanced by alteration of the judgment and the loss of sense of time and space, and induction of psychotic episode, recorded in up to 2% of cases.
Studies related to ecstasy are still recent, but one begins to register cases of addiction.  http://www.reviewlity.com/xtreme-fat-loss-review/

What most addictive drug?

Crack and heroin are the substances with greater capacity for dependence. There overdose of ecstasy? Yeah, there are reports of death from overheating and dehydration of the body. A person can die, even if used only once.

What can cause addiction to marijuana? A number of problems
She may precipitate seizures in those suffering from psychiatric illnesses.

Your use dilates blood vessels and accelerates the heartbeat. Research has found that users have reduced quantity of sperm in case of prolonged use.

Despite not reaching the majority of users, the withdrawal symptoms are irritability, insomnia, headaches and nervousness. And very careful not to mix marijuana with cocaine, this mix is almost certain death. 9. Marijuana Vickie?

It is estimated that one in every ten smokers develop dependence. It is less than half the rates of cigarette and almost equivalent to the alcohol content. There is a risk profile for dependency: in general, is young and anxious, depressive tendencies.

December 14 2013


Though most symptoms disappear with proper medication

Though most symptoms disappear with proper medication, the episodes may recur. Each episode increasingly reduces the visual field.

Various medications can be used to quickly lower the intraocular pressure during an acute episode of narrow-angle glaucoma.

Intake of a prescribed mixture of water and glycerin can reduce the high pressure and stop the episode. PREGNANCY MIRACLE

The carbonic anhydrate inhibitors (e.g., ace amide) are also useful when administered early in the episode. Pliocene eye drops promote papillary constriction, which in turn puts pressure on the iris and therefore clears the output channels.
Eye drops containing beta-blockers are also used to control the pressure. After one episode, treatment is usually maintained with eye drops and varying doses of a carbonic anhydrate inhibitor. In severe cases, manifold is given intravenously to reduce the pressure.

Laser therapy, which creates a hole in the iris to allow fluid drainage, helps prevent new episodes and often cure the disease permanently

When the laser therapy does not solve the problem, the doctor performs a surgery to create a hole in the iris. Cases in which both eyes have narrowed the output channels can be processed even when the episodes affect only one of them.

The secondary glaucoma is a result of an eye injury resulting from infection, inflammation, a tumor, developing a cataract or eye disorder that interferes with the drainage of fluid from the anterior chamber. Inflammatory diseases (e.g., ileitis) are among the most common of these disorders.

December 13 2013


Perfume Allergy treatment and prevention

Perfume Allergy treatment and prevention
Lubricating or avoid allergens?

An allergy to perfume is annoying because perfume raw materials are all around us. And allergic contact dermatitis that it creates is not particularly pleasant. How do you limit the inconvenience of a perfume allergy to a minimum?  BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLES

Fragrance allergy, allergy, contact allergy, contact dermatitis, allergic, allergens, fragrance

Perfume is not only found in fragrance products like eau de toilette, aftershave or deodorant. Almost all cosmetic products, decorative cosmetics and toiletries are scented. And household products such as detergent often contain perfume. But you can also perfume in products where you do not expect so soon, thinking of eye drops, food and clothing. A perfume allergy is rightfully called, very annoying because you come anywhere in contact with the allergen.

People with perfume allergies have generally suffered from an itchy red rash with desquamation. Sometimes there are papules and vesicles seen. We call this allergic contact dermatitis. If you think you have a perfume allergy, the doctor will first do a patch test with the so-called " fragrance "to see which allergens play tricks on you.

Avoid perfumes
The simplest solution to a perfume allergy seems to be avoiding contact with perfume scented products and raw materials. However, this is not always easy, because perfume raw materials found in many products. Yet it is wise to look for the unscented products.

December 12 2013


Conditions transmitted through many generations

The bloody ax old BRUNI

The child was a child very carefully notes to each other as father and mother of each act. They speak about the issues, or for them to quarrel blood? They manifest the love, or is that cool? He talks about himself nicely, or titles, the terms asshole" and "old cow"? Helpful resources: XTREME FAT LOSS REVIEW

 The result is a "family memes" - ways of acting that are often transmitted through many generations.

You are a rebel and rash judgments, that you will not let anything like it and constantly in dispute with the authorities?

Maybe it was your leader of the peasant uprising. Rebelliousness worn thin from him and his descendants, who presented it in your family passed away.

This does not mean that a number of characters, qualities and talents do not inherit genetically pure.

Green eyes, baldness or protruding ears is simply "not learn". In some families are increasingly found depressively, schizophrenia, autism and other mental disorders.

Sometimes it can even detect patterns according to which this burden inherited.

This is true but for the positive qualities necessary for musical talent or talent for languages. But I inherited traits often show up as a result of a family environment.

Did you see the story well from the normalization cycle Thirty Cases of Major Zeeman? Old and young Brno were "strange", but who knows if it would end tragically if the relatives did not fight about money and pathologically shut out from the world Or vice versa.

December 07 2013


Special conversation is citrus

In reality nowadays fruit treated with a special wax that repels pests and allows you to keep the juiciness longer. So we can easily give preference to the beautiful apple. However, before eating the fruit must be thoroughly clean out the wax. Peel apples (and pears) is not recommended: in the skin contains most of the vitamins and minerals. Newly peel apples was discovered special antioxidant - quercetin, which helps to resist diseases and preserve youth body (no wonder in Russia considered rejuvenating apples fruits!). Pulp apples (and pears) are rich in pectin, which bind toxins, eliminate heavy metals, and clean the intestines. visit homepage

Cranberries - Become very popular in the winter and our Russian berries: cranberries. They are saturated with benzoic acid. Despite the intimidating name, this substance has good antibacterial activity, which is why cranberry juice and cranberries, rubbed with sugar is recommended for colds.

Special conversation is citrus - We buy them primarily for vitamin C. Acidity of orange, grapefruit, lemon due to just the content in the pulp and peel of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). These fruits should be eaten not only the flesh, but more dense whitish rind intussusception who share the fruit into slices. This part of the fetus is particularly valuable. But cooking fresh juice can play a cruel joke on the air vitamin C is destroyed very quickly, so it is useful to eat orange slices than to squeeze juice out of it.

December 05 2013


Who Has This Phobia Fear

Tripod phobia! Who has this phobia fear / distress / malaise?
Tripod phobia! Who has this phobia fear / distress / malaise to see several small holes of equal shapes and sizes together on any surface? A very silly thing is not it? But Vomit, scratching themselves and even faint

Most people who have this phobia feel more nervous when on an organic surface, 'cause the appearance of illness, especially on human skin.  visit this link

But it is not a requirement, many people feel the same fear seeing the holes in walls, wood ... And there is such a high degree that there are people who knitting, crochet, drains, beehives, etc. ...

I tried to find the psychological cause of this phobia but I could not cuz ALL SITES I joined had pictures ... even the websites of psychology who want to help put images.

Yes, even the pictures tripod phobia great cause "discomfort" on who has the phobia.

Know that 12% of shy teens can have.
Social phobia, a persistent fear of situations that may involve examination and prosecution, is a somewhat controversial diagnosis in children and adolescents.

Some researchers argue that this diagnosis transforms the normal shyness into a medical condition.

But a new study indicates that a small portion of shy teenagers may actually have social phobia and it is not a simple shyness. Recent research indicates that adolescents with social phobia are also more likely to develop depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

December 04 2013


First Aid For Frostbite

Shoes are best to wear comfortable, from dirty and soaked socks refuse. In the shoes have to be the insole third, try to hide from the wind and the cold do not wear metal jewelry. If hands freeze, better warm their armpits.

First aid for frostbite - But what to do if you or someone you know is still "earned" frostbite? First, do not panic. Remember that frostbite can be I, II, III, IV and degree in any case need special assistance. The main thing - do not rub the frostbitten snow, do not use rapid warming by the fire (or hot water bottle, or other means), and alcohol rub oil in deep frostbite prohibited.

Dietary fiber cellulose helps to lose weight - Foods rich in fiber, must be slimming diet, because dietary fiber accelerates the onset of satiety. Once in the stomach, they swell (e.g., apple and carrot tissue increases in volume approximately two times, wheat bran - 5 times). With this bolus begins to put pressure on the stomach wall much earlier, and the hypothalamus receives a signal: enough food, you can get up from the table. As a result, people do not overeat, and therefore does not get the extra calories. However, caloric intake is reduced not only because of this. The fact that dietary fiber is not digested, they pass through the gut transit.

November 30 2013


All kidney stones cause pain

All kidney stones cause pain?
When the calculation is in the renal parenchyma is asymptomatic (causes no pain).

When will however for the central part of the kidney where the collecting ducts, renal pelvis and urethras, can cause severe pain are. This pain is renal colic, which requires immediate medical attention. Get Answers Here

The renal calculus may also cause blockage of the passage of urine, thus leading to the upstream dilation of the urinary system, causing pain and other symptoms.

However, some individuals have kidney stones without pain or slight pain, which is very dangerous.

Some cases the stone blocking the urethra with little pain, which disappears after some time, though she had not been eliminated.

The renal calculus lodged in determining urethra obstruction in the urinary tract, affects kidney function and may cause loss or destruction of renal tissue.

Stone in the Kidneys and Heart

Kidney stone increases by 31% the risk of myocardial infarction: The relationship between the two diseases may be genetic in the accumulation of calcium crystals in the kidneys and arteries trend.

 Stone in the Kidneys and Heart Problems

Genetic tendency:. Patients with a history of kidney stones are more at risk of heart problems learn more

Prevention for renal calculus?

November 22 2013


The benefit assessment of new drugs

Also at the benefit assessment of new drugs and the subsequent price negotiations do not want to shake Union and SPD. In the negotiations, however, is behind the counter next to the Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association itself in the future in addition participate in at least one representative from each member Checkout "to strengthen the supply aspect," as they say. Allow the parties to respond to criticism of the conduct of the hearing Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association, which has recently been raised again and again.

Thus, the powerful association had often shown little willingness to compromise in talks with service providers. Also representatives of individual Member cash to have gone too far this behavior sometimes. You could continue even sit at the negotiating table and bring their positions. Read More Articles about Health and fitness: http://www.reviewlity.com/category/general-health/tinnitus-help-guide/

In another point CDU and the SPD are the leading associations for SHI answer clearly. So they want to make clear law that the reimbursement amounts are negotiated in the future basis for the calculation of the increases and reductions at all levels of distribution. "The designation of a list price by the pharmaceutical company remains unaffected," says the paper of the Working Group. Such clarification in the law requires the cash for months.

Pharmacists and wholesalers have, however, always referred the dispute to calculate their margins to the Framework Agreement between health insurers and manufacturers. This writes the previously established price list as a reference for the calculation of margins.

November 20 2013


Department of Neurosurgery

The latter is called the McGuire effect. Researcher Harry McGuire discovered a few decades ago that people use their eyes and ears when they hear and when sound and sight just does not match, the view - and not what the ears perceive - is decisive. Find more articles: 13 Percent Body Fats In 13 Days

Photo: Department of Neurosurgery, University of Utah.

Origin of the McGuire effect

As mentioned, the McGuire effect is already known for a while. But it was unclear where exactly this effect comes from Based on the experiment - which was studied brain activity - thinking that now something to say researchers. When the signals subjects saw and heard, agreed or not agreed, took the brain activity based on what people heard, far. There were small differences between what people saw and heard, then took the brain activity, on the basis of what people saw. "We show that signals in the brain that are being drowned out by noise by visual cues, powered" says researcher Bradley Greer. "Your brain ignores what happens in the ear and goes off on what is going on in your eyes."


The research proves once again that our view of the world is anything but objective. "We discovered that the view affects the part of our brain that we hear and that changes our perception of reality and you cannot turn off that illusion," researcher Elliot Smith concludes.

November 12 2013


What Is The Technique Of Massage?

What is the technique of massage? During the massage the client sitting on a specially designed chair, the knees, buttocks, chest, face and hands are pressed against the headrest. The client can keep watch necklaces or earrings and is actually called in "his. Then begins masseur perform specific touches with his hands, thumbs or elbows performs the download energy and stretching. The first part takes approximately seven minutes and the client must first calm down. First, perform gentle pressure on your back and meridians on the head and hands and then massage the palm of your fingers. In the next section, this is dynamic and is performed taps stretching and client while sitting upright. Gradually deepen breathing and pain and fatigue begins to recede gradually. Massage trying to be helped to a better awareness of "self". I have had enough treatments of Acne

How often and when massage can be done? Massage can be performed almost as necessary as often and anywhere. No need to wait for some unwinding. Because after a busy day we ever really tired, massage can actually help us to calm down and better of concentration. In contrast, a morning massage can positively energize us and help to better work effort.

Minerals in our body - The body cannot function without minerals, even though they represent only about 3 percent of body weight. Many people suffer from lack of some important minerals, especially zinc, iron and calcium.

November 07 2013


Light Powder Makes The Skin Young

Products for oily skin should contain zinc oxide and algae:

Problems with pomp and oily skin faces are more common during the summer heat. How to care for oily skin and that the ingredients must be a foundation for this type of skin? http://www.reviewlity.com/category/skin-care/

How to treat oily skin?

Question: '' Since I have a problem with oily skin face, I tried different creams, but we are out of the skin even more shine, especially in the summer. Can you recommend a cream that would help me?''

First of all to cleanse the skin of dead cells and impurities to the ingredients that we put on the skin to work better and regenerate skin and improve its structure and lead to normalization of healthy skin. After that recommend specific products that profoundly restore skin to it after a while, she looked healthy and beautiful. Care products oily skin type should contain fruit acids, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide, and algae that regulate glands.

Using lighter shades of powder face will look fresher and younger:
Question: '' I have oily skin and a shiny face, and my condition gets worse in the summer, so I should some natural powder to reduce shine and we will not clog pores.'' http://reviewlity.tumblr.com

In our market there is a growing number of certified natural cosmetics brands that the company also decorative cosmetics based on minerals. Such products will not clog pores, and will cloak small defects on the skin and is checkmate. To face got fresher look, pick a foundation that will match the color of your skin on the neck - at this point it and Test . By choosing lighter shades of powder your face will look fresher and younger.

November 04 2013


Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Milk after workout and Fat Loss

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss-  One of the biggest myths that persist to exist in bodybuilding, is the myth that should be avoided completely milk in the post-workout meal. As we know, after training suggested eating protein for the increase in the concentration of amino acids in the blood, in order to enhance muscle anabolism.

For this reason, many people who would advise taking whey protein (whey) post-workout powder to mix with water rather than milk, supposedly because it slows down the absorption of the protein. It is indeed something? And if not, then whence this myth? Milk protein consists of about 80% casein and 20% whey protein (whey) [1]. click site Source http://www.reviewlity.com/category/skin-care/

These two proteins have the property of being absorbed by the human body with separate speeds. [2] The protein of the serum is absorbed quickly enough: According to two surveys [3.4], the consumption of 30 grams whey creates after one hour 300% increase concentration of amino acids in the blood (recall that proteins are nothing of polymers of amino acids, ie "chains" where each "link" is an amino acid "), and within 4 hours the concentration has returned to normal levels.

Casein is absorbed slower speed: 30 grams casein consumption creates a 32% increase in the concentration of amino acids from the blood after an hour, after 4 hours, the rate is 35%, that continued stable production of amino acids. concentration of amino acids falls after about 8 h [3,4]. In a study published in 1999 [2], the amino acid levels were measured in blood for 8 hours after consumption of skim milk. Within the first hour of the amino acid concentration rose sharply due to the absorption of whey, after three hours was a "plateau" in the decreasing concentration of whey absorption and increased absorption of casein, and then until the end of 8 hours there was a steady decrease of absorption (here predominates casein). In short These two proteins are absorbed independently of each other. not correct so that the casein slow the absorption of other proteins that can coexist.

All these make the mixture lean milk whey + ideal meal before bedtime (terms of protein). Of course, those who do not need the carbohydrates in milk, could use direct milk protein powder or a mixture of whey + casein protein powder. What happens post-workout? A liter of skim milk contains about 36 grams of protein (both writes Noun Family 0% I have in my fridge). [5] Of these only 20% are whey, ie 7.2 grams. concerns getting a sufficient amount of whey protein post-workout (about 30 grams), you need to drink 4 liters of milk (consider So how many liters of milk were needed to fill the box with the protein you have in your kitchen). One who managed to drink even be online with the toilet bowl of. This is the real reason why people avoid to drink plain milk after training.

The problem is not in the slow absorption of casein, but the virtual absence of whey protein ie the quantity of milk that fits in a shaker. We can mix whey with skim milk and a post-workout drink? And course.'s milk, although it has a low hypoglycemic index (GI) [6,7], has a very high insulin index (II) [8,9]. therefore Drinking skim milk with whey after training: 1) We increase dramatically insulin to face Catholicism. 2) We supply our body with protein quickly absorbed to the rapid raper minoxidil (and further muscle synthesis). 3) We supply our body with slow protein absorption to protect against muscle metabolism (which is parallel to muscle composition the metropolitan hours). 4) A in our body than the fat milk contains from vitamins (even the fat soluble are dissolved in the minimum - there is absolutely zero - much fat is milk 0%) and metals such as calcium.

To highlight the fact that I refer to skim milk. If the milk contains fat, it will slow the digestion and thus the absorption of ingredients. then mix the whey your skim milk (+ everything else put, dextrose, fruits, etc.) after the workout safely. Instruments [the 1st]

October 31 2013


Japanese Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Generally known is a drawing of the five elements, which is in a circle and shows the following elements: water, metal, earth, fire and wood. Among the elements of a perfect relationship exists. For example, water is essential for the production of wood and it is necessary for the formation of fire. If this element is exhausted, needs the support of other elements that could be created. One element may be a destroyer and a second can be destroyed. For example, water in excess can destroy the fire. Get More Info click for source http://www.reviewlity.com/

Basic techniques - Japanese hot stone massage techniques are based on the anmy, traditional Japanese massage. Anma includes the following techniques:

Light stroking technique - performed gliding movements up and down the body surface or rotating movements. Light smoothing is used to gently heat the surface of the body, the muscles relax and the blood circulation.

Kneading technique - is a basic technique anmy. Muscle massage using kneading techniques are used to affect the deeper tissues and stored effectively reduce muscle tension.

Technique shake - used to disperse the intensity of pressure for treatment of sensitive areas. Violent vibration helps to release toxins into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Discover More Here http://www.reviewlity.com/category/muscle-building/

Pressure technique using this technique with the compression of muscles and to release tension and stimulate the reflex points.

Tapping technique - a technique of fast and slow percussion, no strikes this technique is generally used at the end of treatment to prevent the dispersal of toxins into the blood and lymphatic system.

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